Fortnite: How To Get Wonder Skin Free

Following the Honor Guard promo, there is now another partnership between Epic Games and Huawei. This means, there is a new outfit that comes along with your purchase of one of their new devices – the Wonder skin. I’m referring to the Honor 20 series which go for approximately half a grand.

If you don’t want to spend your money on a new phone just to unlock a Fortnite skin then you have come to the right place. The method below describes how you can unlock the Wonder outfit for free. Yes, that’s right – It will allow you to attain the skin in your inventory without the need to buy anything.

The Wonder Skin

This is not the first collaboration between the companies and many people are actually spending a huge amount of cash on the products. The majority are doing it only because of these outfits which might be a bit silly. Sure if you like the phone, but come on…really now?

That can be a bit pricey though, especially if you don’t want a new phone but you want the skin. There are other solutions – like some sites which are selling the code for less money than the price of the device. Those are pretty rare and it still requires quite the investment!

There is also a third method which requires only a few minutes of your time. Here comes the best part – it’s totally free! As a matter of fact, this method is quite similar to the Ikonik skin guide we published a while ago. Make sure to check that one as well if you are interested in that skin too. It is still functioning as expected!

How do I unlock it?

In order to obtain the Wonder skin, simply go to the website below and type in your Epic Games username…

Once that’s done, simply proceed with the submission and the code will show up on your screen. You won’t be required to provide your account’s credentials such as your password and neither to download anything.

You can then redeem just as if you would if you had the purchased the Honor device. This can be achieved by navigating to Fortnite’s redeem page here or even from your launcher.


This works efficiently and it’s available to anyone that is able to access the mentioned site! If you need any assistance or have trouble – post in the comments section below. It’s also worth noting that once you get the code – the Wonder skin gets unlocked on all devices that this account is linked to. That’s pretty cool, as well!

Lastly, make sure to not overdo this as there are certain limits which are applying. You will only be able to attempt this once per 24 hours, so make sure your details are correct. This is because the supply is not unlimited and to make sure everyone takes advantage of this. How many Wonder skin codes are there you’re wondering? I cannot provide you with a definitive answer, but surely enough! Make sure to share it with your friends and family too.

Enjoy your new Wonder skin and keep an eye out for more amazing tutorials!

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